The Best Iowa Outdoor Recreation Offerings

Even though modern technologies have brought about a wide variety of indoor reaction activities; few if any of them can replace the pleasure of outdoor activities. Outdoor activities, regardless of their nature have a lot to offer, chief among health benefits. The vast majority of outdoor activities are beneficial to the well-being of people who engage in them. The health benefits may emanate from just relaxing, being active, or simply from helping you wear a smile. Either way, you benefit a lot from outdoor activities.

Herein, we are going to explore the variety of outdoor activities that you can engage in while in Iowa. These recreational activities offer great benefits which may include health benefits, educational benefits, and memorable experiences.

#1. Site Seeing – There are many points of interest and attractions to enjoy. Whether you are interested in historical attractions, natural attractions, or scientific attractions, there is something for you. Some of the attractions include gardens (Reiman Garden), architectural building (for instance, Grotto of the Redemption), or general points of interests (such as Brucemore, Snake Valley, Plane Crash Site of Bud and Fenelon Place Elevator).

#2. Hiking – Iowa also has a lot of hiking opportunity, probably more than any other state. More importantly, the hiking spots tend to be picturesque, giving hikers an opportunity to enjoy mother nature at its best. Some of the most popular hiking spots include Backbone State Park, Loess Hills State Forest, Pikes Peak State Park, Dolliver Memorial State Park, Maquoketa Caves State Park, and Wildcat Den State Park.

Each of the above hiking spots offers a unique experience for hikers. Additionally, each place has a wide variety of exciting trails. Thus, you enjoy a wide array of landscape and sceneries.

#3. Biking – Related to related to hiking, Iowa also has a lot of biking spots for biking enthusiasts to enjoy. Just like there are numerous hiking trails, there are various biking trails in Iowa. More importantly, the trails come in a wide variety of difficulty; from smooth, easy trails to challenging, offer-road trails with steep inclinations. In this regard, you can choose biking trail that suits your interest, skill level, and fitness level.

#4. Water-Related Activities – If you have a liking for water-related activities, Iowa offers a wide variety of such recreational activities for you to enjoy. You may enjoy the thrill that high-adrenaline water sports offer or you may simply enjoy the relaxation of the laid back water activities. Either way, Iowa offers you an opportunity to enjoy the water activity you like the most.

In this regards, if you are seeking an unforgettable thrill, Elkader Whitewater Park, Manchester Whitewater, and Charles City Whitewater Park offer water-related activities such as rafting, kayaking, tubers, and boogie boarding. On the other hand, if you are looking for a more laid back water-related activity, there are activities such stand-up paddleboarding in Gray Lake, Lake Okoboji, and on Mississippi River (especially in Dubuque County).

Other activities such as scuba diving parasailing are also available.

#5. Exploring Visiting Museums – There are numerous museums if you are looking for an educational, recreation activity in which to engage. Some of the most popular museum you can explore includes the National Mississippi River Museum, Iowa Trucking Museum, Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum and the Nationals Czech & Slovak Museum & Library. You not only enjoy traversing Iowa but also educate yourself.

These are not the only outdoor recreational activities that you can enjoy. There are numerous other activities that Iowa has to offer. All you have to do is determine the nature of outdoor activities you fancy and search for them.