Great Outdoor Recreation Ideas in the Eastern Parts of Iowa

Whether you live in the area or plan to visit Eastern Iowa soon, having a few great ideas for outdoor recreation is always a good thing. Perhaps you are planning a family trip to the area and are hoping to keep the kids having fun during your stay, or you may want to enjoy a romantic getaway with your significant other and are keen to make the outdoors a part of the experience. Whatever your reason happens to be, we are going to share a few great outdoor recreation suggestions with you. Ready to get started? Great!

River Bend Golf Course

Visitors to this golf course have a lot of good things to say. They describe the greens as being challenging, but not impossible. This likely sounds like the ideal combination for most keen golfers! Also the clubhouse has a lovely deck which overlooks the course, a great place to relax and unwind for a while. So if you want to enjoy a day on a great course, followed by drinks with a beautiful view, the River Bend Golf Course could be the ideal day out for you.

Dolliver Memorial State Park

This park has always been a beautiful place to spend quality time with friends or family. It also provides an inspirational spot for enjoying some quality time alone. During the Fall you can admire the stunning changing leaves, you won’t need to look far for photo opportunities at this time of the year!

At the park, you will also find shelter houses and picnic areas which are perfect for enjoying time together as a group. For keen cyclists, as well as hikers, the trails are sure to be popular, and for adventurous souls, there is the chance to drive through water in one part of the road.

Seven Oaks Recreation

If you have always fancied making a trip on a canoe, the Seven Oaks Recreation could be the right place to put on your travel itinerary. You will be provided with a shuttle bus service, life jackets, paddles, and of course the canoes, so all you need to do is enjoy yourself!

Seven Oaks Recreation also provides an excellent base to have fun during the winter months. You can rent skis if you don’t have your own and the chairlift means it’s all downhill fun. Of course, it is Iowa so don’t expect anything too big, but the short slopes do provide a fantastic foundation for picking up the basics of skiing. Snow machines are also in use here during the winter so you should always be able to enjoy the snow, in one form or another!

High Trestle Trail

This trail isn’t too challenging since it’s relatively flat and benefits from a lot of paving. The trail bridge is one and a half miles long and proves itself to be rather impressive. Also, since the trail connects to various other trails, it’s an excellent place for hikers and cyclists to enjoy.

If you decide to hike this trail towards sunset you are sure to get some fantastic photos. However, be sure you come equipped with a flashlight and hiking knowledge, or you may find it quite the challenge to make it back to your car!

Indeed, there are plenty of exciting outdoor recreation ideas to make the most of in Eastern Iowa. Whether you love playing a round of golf, heading off on an adventurous hike or taking to the water in a canoe, you are sure to find something in Eastern Iowa that is right up your street!