What Type Of Gear Do You Need For Iowa Backpacking Trips

eastern Iowa backpackingBackpacking can be a lot of fun, but you have to be prepared before you go. It isn’t something you can do on a whim. Here are some of the most important gear for Iowa backpacking trips.

A Good Backpack

The first thing you need is a good and sturdy backpack. You want one that will hold up and is made for carrying a lot of gear. You don’t want your bag to fall apart on you when you are out in the wilderness. You can find some high quality cheap backpacks here.


You need a sturdy tent that can roll up easily and will protect you from the elements. You want your tent to be easy to set up and take down. Going too fancy will just add frustration so keep the tent simple.

Sleeping Bag

Pick out a good sleeping bag that is made for backpacking. You wouldn’t want to get too cold out on the trail, but you also don’t want your sleeping bag to be too heavy. Find something that fits in your bag that will work for your needs.


You will need a jacket while backpacking. Depending on the time of year, your jacket might need to be pretty thick. Figure out the temperatures you might encounter when you are backpacking and find something that will keep you warm enough while you are out there.


You need a map, so you know where to go and how far you have gone. You also want to make sure to keep your map away from the elements. You wouldn’t want your map to get wet and be ruined. You can buy a case to put the map in to keep it safe.


With a good compass, you will be able to track where you are and where you are going. If you happen to become lost once you are on your way you will be able to figure out how to get back on the trail with a compass. Make sure it works well before you leave.


Even if you are hiking in the winter months, bring your sunscreen. You don’t want to be burned along the way. The sun can be brutal sometimes, and it would be best to avoid having to deal with a burn when you are backpacking. Plus, good sunscreen will help avoid skin cancer in the future.

First Aid Kit

Leaving without a first aid kit would not be a good idea. You need to have a way to help yourself if you get hurt on the trail. Even a minor cut can become a big problem if you don’t treat it right away. With a good kit for first aid, you will be able to help yourself as well as others you might encounter on the trail.

Matches or Lighters

You will need to be able to make a fire so you should pack enough matches or lighters to get you through. Being able to make a fire means you can cook something or stay warm. Make sure to review fire safety, so you don’t put yourself in danger.


You will need food. If you are backpacking for more than one day, you will need to make sure you have enough to get you through. You want foods that are easy to travel with, and that won’t be hard to prepare. After you pack all of your food, add some extra so that you will not run out no matter what happens.

Being prepared will be the number one way to stay safe and have a good time while you are backpacking in Iowa.